Roxy and Rudy

I was asked to create a custom print for a friend of mine. She told me that her sister loved owls and dogs.  The problem was the original design I created had a cat instead of a dog in the illustration and she asked if I could make the switch.  Wendy assured me that it was not a rush to get this done for her, but she would like to give a print to her sister, Barbara.

Timing is everything; as it was just before the busy holiday season and I had a few custom design jobs I was working on.  As time passed, Wendy reached out to me to see if I could just “cut and paste” a dog into the design; but it just wasn’t that easy (I had to create a dog since I’m such a cat person).

Home in my studio the day after Christmas, I put some finishing touches on the design and was excited to share the finished product with Wendy, so I  sent her a message via Facebook Messenger.  I was hopeful she read it because there was an acknowledgement stating that she had viewed the message.  I found it unlike her to not get back to me right away with either an edit, but I patiently waited for her to respond.

I knew Wendy was not well, but I didn’t realize how ill she had become so quickly.  Sadly, Wendy lost her courageous battle with cancer and passed away on December 30, 2017.  My heart was a heavy when I heard the news.

I’ve since reached out to her sister, Barbara and I’ll be sending her a gift set of the greeting cards that I designed for her.  I believe the circle is now complete and although this is not the outcome I had expected – I know Wendy would want me to follow through on the plans she set in place when we first discussed this special gift for her sister.  Roxy and Rudy – these two are in sweet Memory of Wendy Steinberg.